Mitochondrial Function Support of Polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol from Olive Leaf

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Olea25 hydroxytyrosol Mitochondrial Function

Olea25®, a Food Grade Nutraceutical, is a plant-based Polyphenol containing 25% Hydroxytyrosol extracted from Olive Leaf with patent technology. Hydroxytyrosol(HT) supports mitochondrial function and biogenesis, with the company of additional Polyphenols present in the Olive Leaf.

Mitochondrial function is essential for the maintenance of cellular metabolism and energy requirements. The functional status of the mitochondria reflects cellular health and vitality.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a major contributor to inflammation, oxidative stress and metabolic disorders. These cellular reactions are precursors to chronic degenerative diseases and age-related disorders such as:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative Joint Disease

Understanding Mitochondrial Function and the response to Energetic Demands of the Mitochondria will provide further insight to the therapeutic benefits of polyphenols hydroxytyrosol, trans-e-viniferin and resveratrol, and their specific application in nutraceuticals.


Mitochondrial Function

The mitochondria is central to cell life and death. It is the viability of the mitochondria that reflects cellular function.

Labeled "The Powerhouse of the Cell" the mitochondria is the center of enzymatic systems that complete oxidation of sugars, fats and proteins required for usable energy - ATP.

Additionally, the mitochondria contributes to calcium signaling, cell growth and differentiation, cell cycle control and cell death.

The polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol contributes to mitochondrial function as a Sirt-1 Food, pro-oxidant and apoptosis.

Maintaining mitochondrial health requires efficient energy production. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the culprit of age-related disorders, metabolic impairment(Obesity,Diabetes), neurodegenerative disease(Alzheimer's Disease), and ischemic injury of the heart and brain.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Mitochondrial biogenesis is defined as,

mitochondria increasing mass and copy number to create more ATP in response to increased energy expenditure, such as aerobic exercise.

An example, is that of physical endurance training increasing mitochondrial numbers leading to greater glucose uptake in muscles.

Peroxisome Proliferator-activated receptor Gamma(PGC-1α), is the master regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis.

AMPK - Target for Nutraceutical

AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) also regulates mitochondrial biogenesis by phosphorylating and activating PGC-1α.

AMPK provides fuel for the cell. It helps to maintain ATP levels in the cell under stressful conditions such as lack of oxygen, exercise, starvation and rapid cell growth.

A reduction of AMPK sensitivity to cellular stress is apparent with aging. This reduces cellular energy balance and resistance to stress. There are several pathological conditions associated with AMPK impairment.

Alterations in AMPK signaling decrease mitochondrial biogenesis, increase cellular stress and induce inflammation, which are typical events of the aging process and have been associated to several pathological processes.

AMPK influences the brain, liver, pancreatic-B cells, heart, fat cells and skeletal muscles through glucose and fatty acid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity.


Hydroxytyrosol Promotes Mitochondrial Function by Stimulating Mitochondrial Biogenesis


HT induces MnSOD activity and suppresses age-associated increase in mitochondrial ROS levels.

 Image from Hydroxytyrosol and Cytoprotection: A Projection for Clinical Interventions 


HT is an antioxidant, it can initially act as a pro-oxidant leading to the generation of superoxide and activation of MnSOD expression.


HT has anti-oxidant and pro-oxidant actions reducing Reaction Oxygen Species(ROS).


The benefits of Hydroxytyrosol(HT), a polyphenol implicated as a major component of the Mediterranean Diet, promotes mitochondrial function and biogenesis. By Stimulating the cellular energy pathways HT has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and metabolic actions that support age-related disease and co-morbidities.

Olea25® Hydroxytyrosol is extracted from olive leaf at 25% without harsh chemicals, in dry base, with other polyphenols present.

Olea25® Hydroxytyrosol is a natural food and pharmacological grade nutraceutical that can be provided as a supplement to promote healthy aging, and therapeutically to combat oxidative and inflammatory effects of many age associated degenerative diseases.

If you are interested as a Medical or Healthcare Practitioner in establishing a vendor relationship, or would like to learn more about Olea25® Hydroxytyrosol please follow the link and Randy Bauer, exclusive Medical Distributor for Manufacturer Joy of Health, will contact you.

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