Olive Oil Polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol-Antioxidant Health Benefits

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Olive leaf polyphenol hydroxytyrosol antioxidant

The bioactive properties of Polyphenols found in Olive Oil and Olive Leaf contribute to many of the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. One of the major polyphenols found in olive oil and olive leaf is hydroxytyrosol. The physiological and pharmacological mechanisms of hydroxytyrosol provide cardioprotective, neuroprotective and metabolic actions that support supplementation and addition of virgin olive oil as a staple part of the a healthy diet.

The major health benefits of Hydroxytyrosol include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory anti-tumoral and anti-microbial properties, and supports metabolic and energy pathways. These actions of Hydroxytyrosol can be applied to nutraceuticals, food preservation, cosmeceuticals.


Antioxidant Capacity of Hydroxytyrosol

Hydroxytyrosol(HT) is considered to be one of the most effective antioxidants. It has the capacity to scavenge free radicals and prevent lipid oxidation. Additionally, to this direct action, HT also has an indirect mechanism of expressing enzymes involved with anti-oxidant activities.

Olea25® is the newest discovery of a powerful SUPER antioxidant with an ORAC value exceeding 68,000 µmolTE/g,which is 15 times higher than green tea and more than 3 times higher than CoQ10.


Diseases and Therapeutic Actions Supported by Hydroxytyrosol Science

Effect Mechanism

Decrease LDL Oxidantion

Decrease LDL Peroxidation

Heart Disease

Platelet Aggregation

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome
Insulin Sensitivity Glucose Regulation
Cancer Anti-Tumoral

Decrease Cell Proliferation

Decrease DNA Damage


Olea25® contains a minimum of 25% Hydroxytyrosol.

It is made from cultivated organic olive leaf.

Olea25® recommended daily dietary dosage is 100 mg. which supplies 25% hydroxytyrosol proven effective and is equivalent to the health benefits found in one liter of extra virgin olive oil.

Olea25® is classified as "GRAS" and is easily made into soft gel capsules, tablets, beverages, food, skin care formulations, and cosmetic applications.



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