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Axios Nutra has a complete Polyphenol and Full-Spectrum Collagen Product list of Nutraceuticals that are viable options for clinical applications: functional foods, beverages, cosmeceuticals, and naturally sourced, food-grade supplementation.

Included below is a sample of the Nutraceuticals that Axios Nutra distributes to healthcare professionals.

By submitting contact information you will receive a complete list of additional Polyphenol and Collagen finished products.


TendoGuard™ - Advance Joint Recovery

2 Patented Collagen Ingredients that Repairs Loss of Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendons and Extracellular Matrix.

Olea25® Hydroxytyrosol  - 25% Hydroxytyrosol Extracted from Organic Olive Leaf

The degenerative effects of aging and reduced health-span can be combated with strong Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory properties of Hydroxytyrosol.
Research studies and reviews demonstrate the therapeutic benefits and nutraceutical application of Hydroxytyrosol extending to Highest Discovered Anti-Oxidant to Date.


Pure Marine Collagen Peptide™ Powder - Total Body Connective Tissue Support

Collagen Type I & III – Hydrolyzed Dalton Weight 2500 for Optimum Bioavailability.


Pure Marine Collagen Peptide™ Capsules - with Hyaluronic Acid and Indian Gooseberry

Added Natural HA95® (Rooster Comb) and Organic Vitamin C (Indian Gooseberry.) Pure food grade nutrients that promote healthy collagen Type I & III cells and tissues throughout the body.



Hyaluronic Acid - Pharmaceutical Food Grade 

Advanced, patent-pending process derived from natural rooster comb with low molecular weight for higher absorption. 
H.A.95™ is a 100% natural bio-available food source that is easily assimilated providing the best nutrients for tissue repair.
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